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GlowShift’s New Exhaust Pressure Gauge and Why You Need It!


Are you using a boost pressure gauge to monitor your boost and compression levels? Having a boost gauge is great, but it only allows you to get half of the information you need. To get a total look at the health of your engine, you should be using an exhaust pressure gauge simultaneously with your boost pressure gauge.

You may be thinking, what is drive pressure and why do I need an exhaust pressure gauge? Drive Pressure is the amount of force (PSI) that is being produced by the motor to spin the turbo charger. The exhaust pressure gauge will let you monitor the amount of pressure backed up in the exhaust manifold/head. An exhaust pressure gauge can be very valuable for trucks running a turbo on the ragged edge or tuning twins.

The ideal drive-to-boost pressure ratio is 1:1, meaning for every PSI of exhaust pressure, there should be an equal amount of boost pressure. In reality, drive pressure is usually a bit higher than boost pressure. However, if drive pressure far exceeds boost pressure than you may be looking at trouble. When your drive pressure exceeds the 1:1 ratio, your truck is trying to push the turbo too hard and has a backup of gasses that could potentially cause damage or failure to your head gasket and turbo parts. Aside from possible damage or failure, this situation makes your turbo charger less efficient. Still not fully understanding? To imitate a high drive pressure situation, try breathing in a normal breath then cover your mouth with your hand and exhale. This is an example of what you are doing to your engine.

The most effective way to monitor your engine and turbo charger is to compare readings from both your boost and exhaust pressure gauges to keep your truck operating smoothly. GlowShift’s 7 Color Exhaust Pressure Gauges are available in two different reading levels. The 60 PSI Exhaust Pressure Gauge reads up to 60 PSI and the 100 PSI Exhaust Pressure Gauge reads up to 100 PSI of exhaust pressure. Choosing which Exhaust Pressure Gauge is best for you depends on the amount of pressure your turbo is producing. Remember you are looking to see a 1:1 ratio of drive pressure levels to boost pressure levels to ensure optimal efficiency of the diesel turbo engine. Each Exhaust Pressure Gauge includes all the necessary accessories needed to complete your installation, including 5’ of 1/4” copper cooling tubing, 2 sets of compression fittings, 1/8-27 NPT electronic pressure sensor, and 9’ of sensor harness.

GlowShift’s Exhaust Pressure Gauge is available in our 7 Color Series with a black, white, or black face with a magnified tinted lens. Each 7 Color Gauge features an illuminated red needle that sweeps 270° and utilizes GlowShift’s signature 7 color LED through dial lighting. The 7 Color LED through dial lighting system allows you to easily select from 7 different solid color modes that include blue, green, red, white, purple, yellow, and teal, as well as 2 color cycle modes. The 7 Color Series allows you to easily match your gauge with your vehicle’s factory dashboard lights or add a custom style to the interior. The included color recall feature will remember the color setting your gauge had prior to powering down, so you will not have to worry about setting the gauge at your next start up. Connecting your gauge to the factory headlight switch source allows the gauge to dim 30% for easier monitoring when driving at night.

GlowShift includes installation instructions with every purchase and an installation video available on our YouTube channel to walk you through the installation process step-by-step. GlowShift stands behind each product by including a one year limited warranty as well as free lifetime technical support.

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