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GlowShift Unveils the 86-93 First Gen Cummins Pod



GlowShift is now offering a black triple gauge pod and custom gauge packages for 86-93 Dodge Ram Cummins! The black triple pillar pod is an aftermarket gauge pod that is specifically designed for any 1986-1993 1st Generation Dodge Ram Cummins truck. This pod allows you to mount three 52mm GlowShift gauges directly to your truck’s A-pillar. The first Gen Dodge triple pillar pod is manufactured from high quality ABS plastic that allows it to withstand fading, cracking, warping and can be painted to match your factory interior using ABS plastic paint. This gauge pod can easily be mounted to your existing A-pillar using the included screws to give your Dodge a custom fit and finish.

GlowShift offers custom gauge packages which allow you to choose from the MaxTow Series, GlowShift Elite 10 Color Series or 7 Color Series gauges. The package will include the 86-93 1st Gen Dodge Ram black triple pillar pod and your choice of three gauges in your chosen gauge series.

GlowShift recommends a 60 PSI Boost Gauge, 1500°F Pyrometer EGT Gauge, Transmission Temperature Gauge, or 30 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge for your 1st Gen Dodge Ram Diesel Cummins truck. GlowShift recommends using a snubber valve if you choose the fuel pressure gauge to regulate, normalize, and eliminate fuel pressure spikes present throughout the fuel system during the initial ignition and startup of your diesel engine. If you choose a transmission temperature gauge, GlowShift offers a Dodge Ram Cummins Transmission Line T-Fitting Adapter that allows you to easily install your 1/8-27 NPT transmission temperature sensor directly to your ½” transmission cooler feed line for extremely accurate readings directly from the source. Check out our GlowShift YouTube page for a step-by-step installation video of the T-Fitting Adapter to a Dodge Ram truck.

If you’re not sure which gauges are best for your Dodge Ram Gasoline truck, GlowShift recommends the 2400°F Exhaust Temperature Gauge, 100PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge, Transmission Temperature Gauge, or Water Temperature Gauge. Each gauge includes all necessary sensors, probes, wire harnesses, and mounting hardware with your purchase. If you select the MaxTow Series or Elite 10 Color Series gauges with your custom gauge package, you can add on an optional 3 gauge wiring harness that will make the wiring of your gauges significantly easier. The 3 gauge wiring harness is 7 feet in length, and features easy to use color coded wiring along with spliced power, ground, and memory wires for all of your gauges. GlowShift includes a one year limited warranty and lifetime technical support with every 86-93 Dodge Ram Cummins triple pillar pod and 86-93 Dodge Ram Cummins custom gauge package purchased.

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