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Product Spotlight: GlowShift’s Dodge Ram Cummins Transmission Line T-Fitting Adapter


15_GS_Dodge_Ram_Cummins_Trans_T_Fitting_ThumbAre you having trouble installing your GlowShift Transmission Temperature gauge on your 2007.5+ Dodge Ram Cummins with the 68RE Transmission? GlowShift has the solution with the 2003-2015 Dodge Ram Cummins 68RE & 68RFE Transmission Cooler Line T-Fitting Adapter. This T-Fitting Adapter allows you to easily install your 1/8-27 NPT Transmission Temperature Sensor directly to the ½” transmission cooler feed line. Monitoring the temperature in the feed line to the cooler will give you a better indication of transmission temperatures for more accurate readings.

15_GS_eBay_Trans_Line_T-Fitting_Gallery2To complete this install you will need to start by disconnecting the battery cables from the negative posts of both batteries. Next you will locate the cooler feed line on the passenger side of the transmission housing. You will continue by cutting 1 7/8” out of the cooler feed line using a pipe cutter. You may want to remove the bracket that holds the line in place to make this easier to cut or you can remove the cooler feed line entirely from the truck to cut on a work bench. If the feed line is removed, be sure to drain up to 4 quarts of transmission fluid, which must be refilled with fresh transmission fluid once the T-fitting install is completed.

Next identify a sufficient location between the bends in the cooler line and measure 1 7/8” and make a mark. Use straight edge to draw a 5-7” line on the cooler feed line directly at the center of the 1 7/8” mark. This line will extend out passed the length of the cooler line T-fitting, which will help align both the cut pieces. Take the pipe cutter and cut the 1 7/8” section out of the line. Debur both ends of the cut line using a deburring tool or an emory cloth. This will ensure proper fitment of the T-fitting onto the cooler feed line.


Install the cooler line T-Fitting female fittings over each end of the cut line and place the metal cutting rings over each end of the cooler line. Use a wrench to hold the body of the T-fitting and hand tighten each nut. Then tighten the 1 1/4 more turns with a 7/8” wrench to ensure proper sealing of the cutting rings.

Now you can install the 1/8-27 NPT temperature sensor into the port on the T-fitting housing. Be sure to use Teflon tape on the threads of the temperature sensor to prevent any leaks. If you had removed the cooler feed line to cut, reinstall the line to the truck and refill the transmission with up to 4 quarts of proper grade transmission fluid. Check the dipstick to ensure the proper amount of fluid is in the transmission. Finish your install by reconnecting the battery cables to the negative posts of each battery and be sure to check for any leaks.

The GlowShift Dodge Ram Cummins Transmission Line T-Fitting Adapter includes (1) T-Fitting Housing with 1/8-27 NPT port, (2) compression nuts, and (2) cutting rings to ensure a tight, leak free seal. This T-Fitting adapter is crafted from high quality carbon steel with a touch zinc coating to prevent rust over time. If you installed your Dodge Ram Cummins Transmission Line T-Fitting Adapter and have any tips or any questions please contact our technical support department. As always, GlowShift backs this product by including free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with every Dodge Ram Transmission Cooler Line T-Fitting Adapter purchase.

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