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How To Install a GlowShift Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter


Are you installing a GlowShift Oil Temperature or Oil Pressure Gauge and not sure how to correctly install the oil filter sandwich adapter? This quick guide and install video will help you install your oil filter sandwich adapter into your vehicle.


First you will need to gather the necessary supplies for the install:

• 14mm & 18mm Wrench
• 1 1/16” Socket Wrench
• Teflon Tape
• Funnel
• Drain Pan
• New Oil Filter
• Engine Oil
• GlowShift Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter & Sensors

Remove the center threaded fitting from the sandwich adapter and set that to the side. You can then remove the port from the sandwich adapter in the location where the oil pressure sensor is going to be installed at. You will then wrap Teflon tape around the oil pressure sensor threads. Thread the oil pressure sensor into the port on the sandwich adapter by using the 18mm wrench to tighten the sensor into the port. We used Teflon tape wrapped around the threads to keep oil from leaking.

Remove the port plug and wrap the thread with Teflon tape before threading the plug back into the port and tightening with the wrench. Continue by wrapping Teflon tape around the oil temperature sensor thread as well and then thread the temperature sensor into the third port hole on the adapter using a 14mm wrench to tighten the sensor to the port.

If applicable, raise the vehicle and remove the drain plug and safely drain the oil to a drain pan. Once you have drained all the oil, you can remove the oil filter and replace the drain plug and tighten with a wrench, (wrench size varies for each vehicle).

Use oil to lubricate the sandwich adapter O-ring before installing. Attach and tighten the oil filter sandwich adapter using the 1 1/16” socket wrench and make sure to not over tighten it as it can split the gasket and create an oil leak.

Once you’ve got the oil adapter in place, you can lubricate the new oil filter gasket and install the new filter. If you have raised the vehicle, lower the vehicle and refill the engine oil to the proper level using a funnel. Remember to check for any oil leaks.

You have now successfully installed your GlowShift oil filter sandwich adapter! If you have any other questions, please refer to the install video below!

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